Takayama – Old Town Japan


I arrived in Takayama yesterday, and am about to leave for Kanazawa on the west coast of Japan, so thought I would make a quick post.

Takayama, which means ‘high mountain’ in Japanese, is located within the Japanese Alps valley in central Honshu (the main island). It is known for maintaining a traditional old, quaint feel of Japan in the late 1800s. Many of the houses and streets look like they’re from an old samurai movie. The whole town is very pleasant to walk through, and I visited a street full of sake breweries the size of small houses.

Typical street feel

Typical street feel

Last night, my hostel threw a takoyaki (octopus dumplings) party, which was a lot of fun as us guests struggled hugely to correctly shape the dumplings into balls. We then made paper dolls as good luck charms for weather, and hung them up outside the hostel entrance. I think we must have done something wrong because it’s been raining all day.

Our paper angels

Our paper angels

Anyway, I have to get going soonto catch the 2-hour train to Kanazawa. I’ve had a very relaxing time in the Japanese Alps (Matsumoto & Takayama), and now it’s time for me to hit the coasts! I think the next 6 places I visit are all on some coast of Japan. Can’t wait to see the ocean!

Thank you,


Couple extra pics:

Canal in Takayama

Canal in Takayama

Rickshaw tours

Rickshaw tours



4 responses to “Takayama – Old Town Japan

  1. Again another interesting post. Loved the paper angels 👼even though it rained ☔
    Enjoy the next scenario as it unfurls in front of u.
    Stay safe & we love u ❤

  2. Hi Bittudada, feel happy that you are enjoying
    your stay in Japan. I find the streets are so clean.
    Wonderful, all the best for your next journey to
    coastal country.

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