Random Observations: Part 1

Hello all,

I thought I would create a new category of posts, random observations, just for fun. These are things I’ve seen, heard, smelled(?), noticed, etc.

– The Tokyo Subway System is phenomenal. It seems like an impossible-to-navigate labyrinthine mess at first, but after traveling nonstop on it for the past week, I can say it is amazingly clean, organized, and of course efficient. So far, I have not seen a train arrive even 1 minute later than the time posted.


Map of the Tokyo Metro

Map of the Tokyo Metro

– Service here is great. When you enter a cafe or restaurant, every employee welcomes you, and when you leave they all thank you for your business (bowing all the while, of course).

– Japanese people love walking. There is a serious amount of walking to do here, but they all do it with gusto.

– Tokyo may be a sprawling metropolis of skyscrapers, but it has a large amount of meticulously-manicured parks and gardens plopped literally in between commercial areas.

Rinsing hands before entering the Meiji Shrine

Rinsing hands before entering the Meiji Shrine

– They love asking random questions about the USA. One chef at a restaurant asked me what the difference between ‘avenue, road, and street’ is. I didn’t really have an answer.

– It is dead silent on trains, even when they’re packed. Everyone sits or stands quietly. Talking loudly, eating, drinking and making phone calls are big no-nos.

– Japanese convenient stores (konbini in Japanese) are everywhere and extremely popular. The two biggest chains, 7-eleven and FamiMart (FamilyMart) seem like they’re located everywhere 12 feet. In a 5-min walking radius from my hostel, there are three 7-elevens and two FamiMarts.

Entrance to my hostel

Entrance to my hostel

That’s it for now! Tomorrow, I leave for a short 2-day trip to Nikko, and then will return to Tokyo until Oct. 7th.

More pics:

My host family's apartment!

My host family’s apartment!

Mom and newborn baby in Meiji Shrine

Mom and newborn baby in Meiji Shrine



7 responses to “Random Observations: Part 1

  1. I love that you added the “random observations” section! When I was traveling through South America and then France it was exactly the same thing, the everyday sights, scenes (and smells haha) are what really color an experience. So good Skyping with you today and I can’t wait to read your next post. Love you!

  2. Hi Bittu,
    Lovely pictures, experiences and observations! Keep the posts coming……really enjoying reading them. Take care and have a great time.
    Lots of love….fm all of us

  3. Luved the little random facts that u posted. The city looks squeaky line. Of course u fit in perfectly with the Japanese society as they r very quiet & disciplined like u 😆
    For future ref…a road is more of a main artery in a city, a street is a side lane & an avenue is always a street which is lined with trees on both sides gen forming a foliage tunnel like walkway.
    Luved the Mom & baby pic…motherhood everywhere is the same & a true blessing.
    God Bless & take care…JSK ❤

  4. Thank you,It’s a treat to read your blog, Herman uncle was telling me, he loves to read and wished you updated at least three times a day.
    Can you share pic. of your host family. Have a safe trip to Nikko.JSK JSJS

  5. The posts are awesome, Bitts! =) I’m glad you’re enjoying Japan. Keep the pics & posts coming!

    Be safe, cuz!

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