Wandering Around Tokyo


I’ll cut right to it: Tokyo is out of this world. I’ve spent the last 3 full days sightseeing as much as I can, taking subway after subway and roaming around without a set plan, and I’ve only visited 4 out of Tokyo’s 23 main districts. I’ve definitely come to appreciate how enormous this city is.

After breakfast yesterday, I walked around the Sumida River and passed by a ‘river boat’ sightseeing tour. Needless to say I was surprised when I bought a ticket and went to the dock. I thought I was entering a submarine/spaceship. See for yourself:

River cruise

River cruise

The cruise had a rooftop deck as well which allowed for great photo ops.

Skytree area from the cruise

Skytree area from the cruise

I then headed towards Shibuya, the youth cultural center of Tokyo. It was definitely the most crowded area I’ve been to so far (even at 1 pm in the afternoon. Shouldn’t they be at work or in school? Or maybe they’re like me and just wandering!). I’m going to return to Shibuya at some point again at night to see when it really comes to life.

Afterwards, I headed to Shinjuku, the more classy, business-esque area of the city. I went straight to the 3-towered complex of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. This was at the top of my to-do list since it is where the majority of Lost in Translation was filmed, one of my favorite movies. The view just after sunset did not disappoint and I just sat there with a drink for an hour and a half.

New York Bar - 52nd floor

New York Bar – 52nd floor

Looking down on Tokyo

Looking down on Tokyo

Even so, it’s amazing to see the vast spectrum of old and new, traditional and modern, that Tokyo has to offer. Aside from the looming skyscrapers, there are dozens of picturesque parks and gardens that provide a healthy relief from the metro hustle and bustle. I definitely have a lot more to explore!

Lastly, here are some random pictures:

My metro pass

My metro pass

Walkway within Ueno Park

Walkway within Ueno Park

Thank you!



4 responses to “Wandering Around Tokyo

  1. Japan is surely on my bucket list now…& what better guide than u, Bittu 👍
    The pics r amazing & I am vicariously living this sojourn thru u…thnx. Continue enjoying ur passion & stay safe & healthy.
    Luv always ❤ & JSK 🙏

  2. We are very glad to see you are having an amazing time and had opportunity to visit awesome parks, and a river boat tour. Be safe, enjoy every moment you are there. JSK JSJS Dad

  3. I was fascinated by the street that led to Sensoji temple called Nakamichi Dori. Shibuya reminded us of New York’s Times Square . Shinjuku had a nice Indian restaurant in basement run by some Nepali guy. (Beware of pimps and scammers in Shinjuku )

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