Tokyo = Lots of Rain

Hi everyone,

As you probably know, I made it to Tokyo after long flights and many trains. I’ve been in Tokyo about 1.5 days, and it has been raining constantly. It doesn’t pour, but the continuous light drizzle makes sightseeing a bit difficult.

Still, it’s been amazing so far an in my hostel. Yesterday, a guy from France, a girl from Germany and I went out to explore the surrounding couple districts. I definitely got to practice my Japanese as we had to ask multiple strangers and train attendants where so-and-so area was.

One thing though, the Japanese people are extremely helpful if you approach them. One lady actually walked us to the museum we were looking for. They get very excited when you speak to them in Japanese.

Anyway, my hostel is located in Asakusa, a relatively quiet, old-town district in Northern Tokyo. Nearby is the Sensoji Temple, a really large complex with shrines, pagodas, 100-yen ($1) shops, and the like. We spent some time there and tried our luck at drawing sticks to determine good fortune.

Pagoda at Sensoji

Pagoda at Sensoji

Buddha in Sensoji Garden

Buddha in Sensoji Garden

Adjacent to Asakusa is Sumida, which contains several mid-range skyscrapers which are absolutely dwarfed by the newly-built Tokyo Skytree. It’s the 2nd tallest tower in the world, and it changes colors at night. Unfortunately, because of the rain and cloud cover, you can’t even see the top half of it during the day for now, but at night it really is brilliant. Here’s a picture I took:

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

Once the weather clears up, I plan on going up to its observation deck to look out over Tokyo.

Today, I am going to visit the host family I stayed with when I came to Japan 6 years ago. I’m very excited to see them and their 2 little dogs!

p.s. food-wise, I’ve gone to some nice small cafes for breakfast, and have of course been to a great sushi bar and a really small ramen restaurant.

I’ll post again soon! Thanks for reading,



5 responses to “Tokyo = Lots of Rain

  1. Hi Bittu! Love the pictures, especially the picture of the Tokyo Skytree. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from the observation deck when you get a chance to check it out. Have fun at Shinobusan’s place tonight and already can’t wait to read your next post! Love, Sonu

  2. Nice to know that u r settling in this soon. Enjoy ur day & visit with Shinobusan & Takahirasan..,plz convey our regards to them 👍. Take care & JSK 🙏

  3. Nice Pictures and thank you for description of the places you visited. Be safe, healthy, and have lots of fun. Looking forward to see more pics.

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